DOE Worker Health-Related Studies and Programs

Health Studies and Activities at DOE

DOE Former Workers Medical Screening Program (FWP)
This program evaluates the effects of DOE's past operations on the health of former workers. This site offers additional information and supporting links. External teams of health experts are funded to independently offer medical screening to former workers who may be at significant risk for occupational diseases. A listing of site-by-site FWP Implementing Organizations is given. The most recent FWP Annual Report is available for viewing.

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act
EEOICPA was enacted to provide compensation and medical benefits to employees who worked at certain DOE facilities, including contractors and subcontractors at those locations, and certain of its vendors. This site offers more information and related links.

Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource (CEDR)
Operating as a public-use data repository, CEDR facilitates the sharing of information and de-identified data collected during DOE-supported epidemiologic, environmental, and related health studies.

ORISE Center for Epidemiologic Research
Since 1977, the Center for Epidemiologic Research at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education has partnered with DOE to study and protect the health of its workers.

Worker and Public Health Studies
Through DOE's Worker and Public Health Activities Program, researchers improve our understanding of the consequences of exposures to ionizing radiation and other hazardous materials to workers and to the public.

Access Handbook—Conducting Health Studies at Department of Energy Sites (pdf)
Outlines procedures that facilitate access to information needed for conducting public health activities at Department of Energy (DOE) sites. The handbook is intended for use by public health officials conducting studies and by personnel at DOE sites who are responsible for making the requested information available.

Worker Studies Guidelines: Creating an Ethical Framework for Studies That Involve the Worker Community
The purpose of this guidebook is to raise the awareness of all stakeholders to the special needs and issues that apply to research using workers as study subjects.

Worker Studies Informational Brochure
This brochure addresses the rights and concerns of DOE workers who participate as human research subjects.

Content reviewed: November 13, 2012