DOE Worker Health-Related Studies and Programs

DOE Sites with Programs Subject to Review by the Central Be IRB

Former Beryllium Workers Medical Surveillance Program Sites

The Former Beryllium Worker Medical Surveillance Program is designed to assess the health impacts of DOE operations on former employees thought to have worked with beryllium. Currently, the program is carried out by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). ORISE offers medical screening examinations and diagnostic evaluations to individuals with positive screening results.

Albuquerque: Kansas City Plant, Pantex Plant, Sandia National Laboratory, Burlington Plant

Chicago: Argonne National Laboratory (East and West), Fermi National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Oakland: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory

Ohio: Fernald, Mound

Oak Ridge: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Y-12 Plant

Rocky Flat: Rocky Flats Site

Schenectady Naval Reactor Office : Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Former Worker Program Sites

This program identifies former workers who might be at risk of adverse health effects as a result of their DOE employment at the sites listed below. Targeted medical screening is offered based on the workers' highest occupational exposures, which can include any or all of the following: beryllium, asbestos, radiation, cadmium, chromium, silica, welding fumes, lead, solvents, mercury, and noise.

Albuquerque: Development of a Screening Program for Former Los Alamos National Laboratory Workers (conducted by Johns Hopkins University); Medical Monitoring at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (conducted by the University of Iowa)

Amchitka Island: Amchitka Workers Medical Surveillance Program (conducted by the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Alaska State District Council of Laborers)

Idaho (includes ANL-W): Medical Surveillance for Former INEEL Workers (conducted by Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical, and Energy International Union)

Nevada: Medical Surveillance for Former Department of Energy Workers at the Nevada Test Site (conducted by Boston University)

Oak Ridge: Medical Surveillance Program for Construction Workers at Oak Ridge (conducted by the University of Cincinnati); Medical Surveillance of Current and Former Workers and the Department of Energy's Gaseous Diffusion Plants (conducted by Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy International Union)

Rocky Flats: Rocky Flats Former Worker Screening Program (conducted by University of Colorado Health Sciences Center)

Richland: Hanford Building Trades Medical Screening Program (conducted by the Center to Protect Workers' Rights); Former Hanford Worker Medical Monitoring Program (conducted by the University of Washington)

Savannah River: Augusta Building Trades Medical Screening Program (conducted by Center to Protect Workers' Rights); Savannah River Site Former Production Worker Health Project (conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina)

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Content reviewed: May 3, 2007