DOE Human Subjects Protection Program

Supporting Personnel

The Human Subjects Protection Program management team also relies on the following personnel who work throughout the DOE system in support of the program.

Denise Viator
Section Manager, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)

Denise ViatorDenise Viator brings 30+ years of experience managing networks involved in training, ethics, regulations, health and communication for various federal agencies, including several Department of Energy (DOE) headquarters offices. Viator took on the role of providing technical assistance to the Office of Science in 2001. Since becoming part of the Human Subjects Program, Viator has helped develop From Paper to People: After IRB Approval of Research Studies; the DOE Human Subjects Protection Resource Book; and the Human Subjects Protection poster. She has also managed multiple workshops, task teams/working groups, and networking meetings for DOE Laboratories Institutional Review Board members.

Lindsay Motz
Lindsay MotzDOE Human Subjects Research Database Manager, ORAU

Lindsay Motz is manager of the Human Subjects Research Database at ORAU. In that capacity she is responsible for assembling the annual project information updates, reviews, and installation of the yearly updates into the DOE Web site. She also assist in administering the daily operations of the Institutional Review Board Office, managing both the Oak Ridge Site-wide IRB, and the Central DOE IRB.

Betsy Ellis

Picture of Betsy EllisWith over 15 years of experience on an IRB, Betsy Ellis currently serves as Chair of the Oak Ridge Site-wide IRB (ORSIRB) and is a member of the Central DOE IRB (CDOEIRB). These 2 IRBs are unique to DOE in that both are central IRBs. The ORSIRB reviews all human subjects research that occurs at the 5 DOE sites under the purview of the DOE Oak Ridge Operations Office, and the CDOEIRB reviews all research projects that would require review by multiple DOE site IRBs or that is done at a DOE site that does not have an IRB. She is an active member of the Human Subjects Working Group. Employed at ORAU for over 30 years, Ellis is an associate director of the Center for Epidemiologic Research and has spent her career studying the effects of occupational exposures on the health of the DOE work force. She serves on a task group to the International Commission on Radiation Protection evaluating the need for additional research on health effects resulting from occupational exposure to alpha emitters. She holds a PhD in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina.

Sherry Davis
Private Consultant, formerly Manager of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Human Research Protection Program

Sherry DavisPrior to her retirement, Sherry Davis performed a variety of administrative functions during her 32 years with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) including contracts and research administration, and served as manager of the PNNL Human Research Protection Program for 14 years. Under her leadership, PNNL was the first DOE laboratory to achieve accreditation with the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP). In 1989 she was lead administrator to the director of the Office of Special Projects for the first DOE Tiger Team environmental assessment site visit at Rocky Flats and later helped in the establishment of that office at DOE/HQs. Davis has served in an advisory capacity to the DOE Human Subjects Protection Program management for several years.

Content reviewed: November 12, 2013