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DOE Human Subjects Working Group (HSWG) Annual Meeting
December 1, 2007
Boston, Mass.

The DOE HSWG meets annually to learn about the latest policies and practices related to human subjects protections from notable authorities in the field. Below are the materials from the December 2007 meeting.

Agenda (pdf)


When is it “Human Subjects Research?” (pdf)
Paul Andreason, Office of Human Research Protections, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Discusses the applicability of the HHS regulations for the protection of human subjects to social behavioral research projects.

Contemporary Issus in Epidemiology, Surveillance and Disaster Response Research (pdf)
Robert Levine, Yale University
This session addressed epidemiology issues, boundaries between research and practice, and research in disaster settings.

The Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs of Accrediation (pdf)
Sherry Davis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Accreditation — Process, Review, Approval

Reporting Table - Research Involving Human Subjects (pdf)
Terry Reser, Sandia National Laboratories
This table summarizes what must be reported to whom and when during the course of any human subjects research.

Pending Legislation Related to Human Subject Research (pdf)
Terry Reser, Sandia National Laboratories
The information is garnered from the Library of Congress and includes the current status on bills pending on the House and Senate.

Human Subjects Research Database (pdf)
Donald Watkins, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

Challenges in the Oversight of Decisionally Impaired Research Subjects (pdf)
David Strauss, New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University

Radiation Exposure Effects in Humans: A Guide for IRB Administrators (pdf)
Evan Douple, The National Academies

A Farewell to Michael Viola (pdf)
Charles Pietri, HSWG Resource Group Member
Mike Viola honored by the Human Subjects Working Group Members.

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