May 2009

DOE Protecting Human Research Subjects Newsletter - Spring 2009
This edition of Protecting Human Subjects focuses on issues related to the evolving understanding of regulations designed both to protect human subjects and encourage research.
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Paid Studies Draw More Interest in Sour Economy
January 2009

FDA Stinks at Policing Conflicts
January 2009

Audit Leads to Enrollment Halt in Research at Veterans Hospital
December 2008

FDA: Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
November 2008

The Minimal Impact of a Big Hypertension Study
November 2008

Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement – Is it Human Subjects Research? Quality assurance and quality improvement programs are intended to help institutions evaluate and improve the quality of their human research protections program.

DOE Human Subjects Working Group (HSWG) Fall Workshop, November 16, 2008

BIOETHIC: Students Learn How, Not What, to Think About Difficult Issues
October 2008

Scientists Use Bees and Wasps to Sniff Out the Illicit and the Dangerous
September 2008

CT Scans Can Be Better Medicine for Doctors Than for Patients
September 2008

Deafness Cause Pinpointed by Genetic Discovery
September 2008

Drug Maker to Report Fees to Doctors
September 2008

Monoclonal Antibodies Come of Age
September 2008

Enrollment Stopped in NIH-Funded Trial Studying Chelation Therapy for Treatment of CAD
September 2008

Searching for Clarity: A Primer on Medical Studies
September 2008

What's Behind an F.D.A. Stamp? The F.D.A. is everywhere these days, or so it seems
September 2008

First reported video of cell’s recognition of danger through its protein response made by Sandia and UNM researchers
August 2008

The Incredible Journey Taken by Our Genes
August 2008

Decades Later, Still Asking: Would I Pull That Switch?
July 2008

OBITUARY: Dr. Arlene Lennox, Medical Physicist at Fermilab

Report on Ensuring Community-Level Research Protections

Sherry Davis Honored for Her Exemplary Service to PNNL and DOE

Dr. Susan Rose Honored for her Accomplishments at DOE

Michael Viola Honored by DOE Human Subjects Working Group (HSWG)

DOE Human Subjects Working Group (HSWG) Workshop, May 6-7, 2008

Arlene Lennox, Medical Physicist at Fermilab, Retires
Dr. Arlene Lennox retired in April 2008. She was considered one of the world’s leading experts in neutron therapy.

Eight Years after Jesse’s Death, Are Human Research Subjects Any Safer?
April 2008

Award Winning Website
The DOE Protecting Human Subjects Web site earned the Award of Quality from the Volunteer Public Relations Society of America annual awards gala on April 10, 2008.

Human Subjects Working Group Meeting
Dec. 1, 2007; Boston, Mass. View the agenda and presentations.

White Doctors, Black Subjects: Abuse Disguised as Research
January 2007

Child stem cell recipient heads home
December 2006

Collapse of a Cholesterol Drug
December 2006

Desperately ill seek help overseas for stem cells
August 2004

New Publication: "You Want to be an IRB Community Member...Now What?"

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