DOE Human Subjects Resources

Protecting Human Subjects Poster and Brochure

Protecting Human Subjects Poster

The poster and brochure are practical reminders of the need to protect human research subjects when research is funded by DOE, conducted at DOE facilities, or performed by DOE personnel. DOE laboratories and operations offices should display the poster on bulletin boards and in other locations where those involved in research can view it.

To obtain copies of the poster and brochure, contact:

Denise Viator
DOE Technical Assistance Project Manager
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
P.O. Box 117 MS 10
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-0117
Phone: 865-576-3316


Elizabeth White
DOE Human Subjects Protection Program Manager
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
SC-23.2, Germantown
Building U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue
Washington, DC 20585-1290
Phone: 301-903-7693
Fax: 301-903-0567

Content reviewed: November 12, 2013