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Human Subjects Working Group

In 1988, a group of Institutional Review Board (IRB) administrators and chairpersons attended the first meeting of DOE’s Human Subjects Working Group (HSWG). This proved to be the beginning of what would become a strongly influential group composed of DOE field and headquarters officials, IRB members, program and project managers, other government agency officials (National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), university and hospital staff, various experts, and former DOE workers.

The HSWG was created as a group to provide educational and networking opportunities for the DOE human subjects community. Thus, the HSWG formalized DOE’s commitment to protecting human subjects in research studies. The DOE human subjects program manager is also the chairperson of the HSWG.

A review of HSWG activities since its inception as described on page 14 of the DOE Protecting Human Subjects newsletter) may provide some guidance and counsel regarding human subjects protection issues as viewed by DOE. 

Regular Members (pdf)

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DOE HSWG 2012 Fall Workshop
December 7, 2012
San Diego, CA
Agenda (PDF, 55k)

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