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Education and Training for Human Subjects Research

Human Experimentation by the Nazi Regime in World War II.
During the May 2009 DOE Human Subjects Protection Workshop held in Washington DC, a visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was arranged as an education and training activity to view, in part, the Nazi human experimentation exhibit. This experimentation was a series of controversial medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners by the German Nazi regime in its concentration camps during World War II. Prisoners were coerced into participating; they did not willingly volunteer and there was never informed consent or Institutional Review Board oversight. The Holocaust Museum exhibit showed experiments with prisoners subjected to freezing temperatures to learn how to treat hypothermia; low-pressure chamber experiments with prisoners to simulate conditions at altitudes as an aid pilots who had to eject at high altitudes; and a variety of surgical experiments that were performed. An extensive review of this human experimentation is available.

DOE Protecting Human Subjects Newsletter
The newsletter is an essential part of the educational outreach of the DOE Human Subjects Protection Program that addresses current issues and concerns about human research supported by DOE. It focuses on DOE laboratories and specific issues DOE laboratories face while conducting human subjects research at their facilities. The newsletter often refers the reader to materials or informational contacts that may provide further guidance on human subjects research. The newsletter also announces upcoming meetings and other events that cover human research topics.

Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Human Subjects Training Program
To ensure that every laboratory and individual involved in human subjects research has the appropriate training, DOE has collaborated in developing an educational module that provides an understanding of the rules, ethics, and practices that are required in order to conduct research with human subjects. CITI is DOE’s preferred and supported system for expectations and requirements for IRB, management, and research staff education. However, DOE sites have been given the option of using other supplementary or alternative well-designed training tools/modules such as their own in-house programs, National Institutes of Health, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Responsible Conduct of Research training, and others.

National Institutes of Health Human Subjects Training Program
"Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams" is a free, Web-based course. It presents information about the rights and welfare of human participants in research. The two-hour tutorial is designed for those involved in reviewing and conducting research involving human participants.

Content reviewed: November 12, 2013