DOE Human Subjects Resources

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Human Subjects Informational Brochure
This brochure introduces researchers, research subjects, laboratory officials, and others involved in human subject research to regulations and policies established to protect human subjects participating in research.

Protecting Human Subjects Newsletter
The newsletter addresses current issues and concerns about human research supported by DOE. It focuses on DOE laboratories and specific issues DOE laboratories face while conducting human subject research at their facilities.

From Paper to People: After IRB Approval of Research Studies (pdf)
This guide provides an overview of both novel and routine ways to assist Institutional Review Boards (IRB) in ensuring that human subject studies, once approved, are conducted properly and follow accepted ethical principles. It is intended as a supplement to human subject protection requirements and not in lieu of the regulations.

Guidance for Informed Choice on Beryllium Testing (pdf)
This guide offers general information about DOE’s beryllium testing programs. It addresses informational resources, eligibility and enrollment in the DOE programs, program contacts,the beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test (Be-LPT), risks and benefits of testing, and privacy of test results.

Worker Studies Guidelines: Creating an Ethical Framework for Studies That Involve the Worker Community
The purpose of this guidebook is to raise the awareness of all stakeholders to the special needs and issues that apply to research using workers as study subjects.

Worker Studies Informational Brochure
This brochure addresses the rights and concerns of DOE workers who participate as human research subjects.

Human Subjects Protection Resource Book
This book synthesizes the information currently available on the protection of human subjects in research; the continuing application of such information to new areas of endeavor; and the ever-changing rules, regulations, and guidance involved.

Protecting Human Subjects Poster and Brochure
The poster and brochure are practical reminders of the need to protect human research subjects when research is funded by DOE, conducted at DOE facilities, or performed by DOE personnel.

Content reviewed: November 12, 2013