DOE Human Subjects Resources

DOE Written Assurances

Written documentation is required by DOE that ensures institutional compliance with and implementation of DOE and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations for the protection of human research subjects. Such documentation from the prospective performing institution shall be satisfactory to the Secretary of Energy.

The only documentation currently meeting this requirement is the Federalwide Assurance. See

Not all DOE sites perform research on human subjects, and several of these sites make use of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) at other institutions. A listing of DOE sites with human subjects activities, their assurances to perform such work, their IRB chairpersons or non-DOE institution, and their IRB administrator or contact is provided in the following table.

Laboratory Assurance # IRB Chair or
non-DOE Institution
IRB Administrator or
Ames 00004361 Iowa State University Jim Withers
phone: 515-294-4743
fax: 515-294-2155
Argonne 00005565 University of Chicago Gail Van Gorp
phone: 630-252-3689
fax: 630-252-7608
Central DOE IRB 00015568 James Morris
IRB Chair
Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
phone: 590-371-6794
Lindsay Motz
IRB Administrator
phone: 865-574-4359
Brookhaven 00000149 SUNY-Stony Brook Darcy Mallon
phone: 631-344-3362
fax: 631-344-3220
Fermilab 00016395 Oak Ridge Associated Universities John Dawson
Phone: 630-840-4830
fax: 630-840-3019
Idaho 00009528 Harold Blackman
phone: 208-526-0245
fax: 208-526-8076
Dena Tomchak
phone: 208-526-1590
fax: 208-526-0828
Los Alamos 00000362 Jeffrey E. Schinkel (Jeff)
phone: 505-667-8234
Donna Leshne
phone: 505-665-0198
fax: 505-665-7879
Lawrence Berkeley 00006253 Peter Lichty
phone: 510-486-6267
fax: 510-486-7192
Chris Byrne
phone: 510-486-5507
fax: 510-486-5499
Lawrence Livermore 00004274 John P. Knezovich
phone: 925-422-0925
fax: 925-423-7884
Ann-Marie B. Dake
phone: 925-422-0260
fax: 925-423-4306
Oak Ridge Associated Universities 00005031 Betsy Ellis
phone: 865-576-3528
fax: 865-576-9557
Lindsay Motz
phone: 865-574-4359
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 00012860 Betsy Ellis
phone: 865-576-3528
fax: 865-576-9557
Leigh Greeley
phone: 865-576-1367
fax: 865-576-4153
Pacific Northwest 00004696 James E. Morris, PhD.
phone: 509-376-4815
fax: 509-376-9023
Kathy Ertell
phone: 509-375-3610
fax: 509-375-2592
Sandia 00003764 Rob Nelson
phone: 505-284-9660
Terry Reser
phone: 505-845-9171
fax: 505-844-0224
Savannah River / Washington Savannah River Company 00012002 Dr. Paul T. Deason, Jr
phone: 803-952-5580
fax: 803-952-9332
Karen T. Brown
phone: 803-557-4266
fax: 803-557-4822

Content reviewed: January 11, 2016