The Department of Energy (DOE) and its Human Subjects Protection Program

The protection of human subjects in all the research performed under Department of Energy (DOE) authorities is of prime importance to the Department. All research conducted at DOE institutions, supported with DOE funds, or performed by DOE employees, including research that is classified and proprietary, whether done domestically or in an international environment, must comply with all federal regulations and DOE requirements that address the protection of human subjects.

DOE policy regarding the Protection of Human Subjects is established in the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects, adopted by DOE June 18, 1991 as Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 745, Protection of Human Subjects and expressed in DOE O 443.1B, Protection of Human Research Subjects.

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The purpose of this Web site is to enhance communications among Institutional Review Board members and administrators, researchers, institutional officials, management, and potential human subjects within the DOE research community.

However, it is equally important that this Web site be a vehicle to reach out to other individuals and organizations in the global human subjects protection family. The site should be used to share information and provide resources that help to continually improve our processes and practices in the most productive and ethical way.

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